Traditional Devon Cider - Produced in the heart of the West Country


These are exciting times at Sam's Cider in Devon as we've produced two new ciders that will be the must-have drinks of this year. Sam's Crisp is a less bubbly version of our ever-popular Poundhouse Crisp while Sam's Cloudy Crush is our first cloudy cider.

We love the standout design that we hope will appeal to everyone that loves to drink cloudy cider. What makes it even better for fans of Devon cider is that, like all our ciders, it's made from apples grown within 25 miles of our Winkleigh home. That's why we call Sam's Cider - The True Taste of Devon Cider. And you really can taste the beautiful varieties of Devon apples that make our Cloudy cider so special. Not as bubbly but packed full of flavour, just picture those lazy days by the beach or having fun at a festival with Sam's Cloudy Crush in your hand.

Sam's Crisp is available now and is the perfect drink for Spring. It's a real apple in a glass as the taste is so natural it makes the ideal session cider with friends in the pub garden. But relive those dreamy days at home with a 20-litre box. Put it in the fridge and have a great value for money supply of cider on tap.

Keep an eye out for these two new additions to the Sam's family at your favourite pub. If they don't stock Sam's then please ask them to get in touch with us and we'll do the rest.


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